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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Asatruar Home Page!

The Purpose of this site is to address  issues and concerns facing the Queer Asatru Community.

The purpose of this site is not to exclude people outside of the Queer community, but to bring together the diversity of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender experience with the unique experience of the life affirming Asatru faith (open to people of all sexual orientations) to share our collective experiences as Queer Asatruar and to provide information and education to those outside of the respective communities.

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If you are an Asatruar or partner of an Asatruar and would like to add any Asatru relevant  queer-positive essays, experience or humor peices, articles, or topic suggestions,   Please e-mail submissions and ideas to AsatruQ@lycos.com.

We have also got a MESSAGE BOARD. Please enjoy it as a source of info and debate.

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    Note: Its been a very long time between updates to this page and during this time a link about the Gay Men's Pagan Spirituality Group, Radical Faeries was changed and replaced on the same URL with some rather controversial articles. It had come to our attention that there was a change in the content and the link was immediately pulled. Asatru-Q does not endorse adult-minor sex or any form of sexual exploitation of children. To our knowledge, this is not endorsed by the Radical Faeries either. This is contrary to the family-centered nature of the Asatru faith. Apologies to those who unwittingly were exposed to such offensive material as a result of viewing our page.

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